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this is katelyn norman. she’s 14 years old, and has been battling osteosarcoma bone cancer for the past 2 years. recently, doctors told her that the cancer has spread to her heart, spine, pelvic bone, etc., and that there wasn’t much they could do. she’s in the beginning of her end. she’s started a bucket list. one of the things she wanted to do was to go to prom. tonight was the night of her prom, unfortunately, she was having trouble breathing, and had to be transported to the children’s hospital, where they held another prom for her. she was prom queen. personally, i don’t know her, but her story inspires me not to take anything for granted. from what i’ve heard, her story has made it to the uk. i’m posting this to get it even farther. she’s the hero in my town, she’s made everyone want to get together and support her when she needs it the most. i know a couple more things on her bucket list was to see of mice & men in concert, and to get an autographed tshirt. austin carlile tweeted about her tonight. calling her an inspiration. it makes my heart so happy. she also wants to go to italy. i want so bad for her to go. there’s a website for people to make donations toward kate (i’ll post a link in a minute). so far they’ve met half of their goal. there’s also a video explaining kate’s story. please take time to look at this. it would mean so much.

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    I know I promised not to post today, but I think I needed to do this. I’m sure most of you know by now, but Katelyn...
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